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Curry ([personal profile] glitch) wrote2009-05-08 01:32 am

"Captain.. Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise"

Okay, so the movie? Rocked.

I was surprisingly okay with the character rebooting. I mean... definitely walked in there on edge. Definitely got over it. I think it helped that they didn't jump in with mister James T., but let the audience get acclimated to the Trek feel first. I must say, though, that bar fight was pretty awesome.

So the bit of the trailer that bugged me? Yeah, that wound up being my only major issue with the film. But, surprisingly, not in the way I expected. Spock and Uhura kissing made me really nervous for how Spock was going to be portrayed. Just... what? However, Spock? I can understand how that fell out. Uhura? Wth? Did he give you some kind of invisible "Why yes, I am kissable" sign that I missed? Because that was seriously random. Seriously random.

Scotty was amazingly fun. As was Chekov (the bit where he dashed off to help with the transporter? Priceless, and adorable! I love him to pieces. ♥ ♥ ) I even wound up liking McCoy, which is shocking. DeForrest Kelley, I miss you. ;;

But man. Chris Pine. That was a rockin' performance of Kirk. From the bar fight to the Bones teasing to the provoking Vulcan rage. Wow. I don't think that the movie would have benefitted from the inclusion of Shatner — in fact, I'm rather glad he didn't make the scene. Nimoy, though!! It felt... almost like he was the voice of old Trek. Just... watching over things, making sure they don't go too out-of-whack. Watching younger Spock's brain fizzle was pretty fun, I have to admit. (: I kind of wish Spock Prime (really, guys? Lol) could have met McCoy, but it wouldn't have had the same feel to it. Hopefully we'll get to see that relationship created, though, assuming they do more with this. ... They'd better do more with this.

I really need to make my way out and find some of the pretty goodies. I so want to buy some of the trading cards. And the Burger King promo toys and glasses. And I need to get more cereal boxes so I can have more badges. *-*;; Also, yeah, definitely buying some of the Trek toys. You know, if I'm going to spend money? At least it's on something I truly want. (Which means I'd better get a job, stat, so that I can actually buy all of these things.) I also want new!Chekov icons ;; Movie, hurry up and come out on DVD!

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