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Curry ([personal profile] glitch) wrote2012-09-30 11:14 pm

and her last words are "why not?"

Fic or Treat! Leave a comment with a fandom, pairing or character, and/or prompt. You will get a fic, or a treat!
→ Multiple requests are okay. (And great.)
→ Fics: Drabble-length or longer
→ Treats: music, picspam, recs, etcetera

• Fandoms: ... um. If you're here, you likely know them. If you don't know, you're welcome to offer up one and see what results.
• I will also give OCs a shot.

This will be open until 11:59pm, October 31. I may/will not get to your request immediately, but it will get done before Halloween!
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[personal profile] millenia 2012-10-01 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
1x2 - So how did Duo get Heero to go to that costume party...?