glitch: Patrick Stump (zen it up;)
Curry ([personal profile] glitch) wrote2015-09-15 10:07 pm

"let's be alone together, we can stay young forever"

oh hey let's update this from my phone.

bedroom is shockingly clean. still have clothes to organize, but there's open floor. house is actually p much clean too? it's weird. also everything smells of garlic which is 👎

ordered a replacement piece for the dishwasher. need to hang my pictures and actually go by goodwill.

work remains stupid but whatever. I want to stop feeling exhausted. pretending it's the season changing?

reading hockey fic is Weird but that's not stopping me at all. found some more long soulbond fic.

ugh what if I just go to bed rn. how much will I regret that choice.

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